ELMAS PLAZA YAVUZ SELIM, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli

  Working hours :  9:00 AM - 17:30 PM 

?When was the company founded

Do4you Company is an officially licensed company in Turkey, and it has an approved commercial and tax registry. It was established in 2020 and included employees with various local and international experiences.

?Is it necessary to design a logo

Designing a good logo remains the most successful way to attract customers’ attention quickly, and distinguish itself from competitors, because a graphic logo design depicts the company’s work, its features and its special values in seconds, so a graphic designer chooses the color, font, and shape accurately and professionally.

?Can I create videos of my activity

Of course, we have a team that provides professional motion graphics services based on your business activity.

?Is it necessary to design a visual identity

Statistics confirm that the brand that has a fixed and flexible visual identity achieves 23% more sales, because it suggests professionalism and seriousness and earns customer loyalty.

?What is the extent of commitment to deliver projects on time

We strive to adhere to the project delivery dates, and the work schedule is determined according to the nature of the work and the size of the operation, review and audit tasks of the project and according to the quality and accuracy of the initial information received.

?How good and efficient is your customer service

We care a lot about customer service because of its multiple benefits, including consolidating the relationship between us and our business.

?Do you have exclusive designs

Our design team does not use any online templates or templates; Rather, we design the logo, visual identity, brochures, and websites from scratch in proportion to the work and idea of the company

?Can I benefit from e-marketing services

Of course, traditional marketing methods are no longer useful, and if you do not employ e-marketing in your business, you will be out of competition and lose many potential customers.

?Why should I contract with a specialized company

Many companies rely on hiring an online marketer, but what distinguishes specialized companies is their professionalism, diversity of expertise, their strength in meeting customer expectations, having the appropriate tools and consulting services.

?Do you do e-marketing campaigns on Google

Do4you E-Services is a certified partner of Google International, and its team members have academic degrees from Google.

?Are e-marketing campaigns on Google expensive

Ads on Google are subject to the auction principle, meaning that the winning ad with the best price and quality appears on the search engine in the first results, and is deducted from the daily campaign budget balance only when the ad is clicked.

?How to follow the stages of work

After completion and signing the contract, we follow up via WhatsApp or phone calls to inform you of the latest developments through the project manager and customer service manager.

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