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YouTube SEO - Everyone who owns YouTube channels aims to get more views, especially beginners. There are a lot of YouTube channel owners who make extra effort and work to create distinctive, purposeful and useful videos, and then find that all this effort is not paid for in views.

This happens because there are a lot of YouTubers who do not rely on YouTube SEO, which is an essential thing as it represents a set of steps that make this platform work to increase video views with a very simple effort.

If this is the first time you hear this term, I want you to know that we made this guide talking about YouTube SEO and what makes your video front and center.


youtube seo

What is SEO?

The word (SEO) is an acronym for (Search Engine Optimization), that is, doing search engine optimization, it is necessary to know that SEO is not linked to the Google search engine only, SEO is linked to all search engines.

SEO: is to adjust your content to be ready to appear in the first results ranking when you search using certain keywords. Each search engine relies on a set of factors in order to search its database, and based on all these factors it will arrange these results in order to give the user the best possible results that suit him.

A set of illustrative examples:

When you search on Google Maps, all results will be arranged according to your geographical location at this moment, and then customer evaluation, in addition to working hours, and other important factors.
When you search for online stores: the results will be arranged based on product descriptions, product images, seller rating, and other important factors.
When you search on YouTube: the ranking will occur by video title, then video description, content, interaction volume with the video, and many other factors.

The more you master working on YouTube SEO, the more views you will get on your video, and thus the higher your YouTube profit rate.


youtube seo


YouTube SEO is one of the most important processes for tuning and optimizing all of your YouTube channel videos in order to be on top of search results for keywords that are searched related to your video and that your audience is interested in.

When your channel talks about cooking, technology or the Qur’an, for example, you will have to know all the keywords used by YouTube visitors, in order to create distinctive content around it and then adjust the content and improve it in order to top the first results.

This is what you will learn in this detailed article.


How does YouTube filter videos on the platform?

Each of the search engines relies on several factors in order to rank the results, and from here let us delve into the most important of these factors for the search engine on the YouTube platform.

1- Video Description:

The description of the video is very important in making YouTube's algorithms understand the content of the video you have published, especially if this content is in a language other than English.


2- Watch time
It is the average of the minutes that a video is watched, and what is its percentage of the total time of the video.

For example, if the video time is 10 minutes, and on average, only 4 minutes of the video are watched, then the watch time will be 4 minutes, and the rate is 40%.

When the watch time of a video on a topic increases compared to another video on the same topic, YouTube's algorithms will filter the watched video the most.

2- Click Rate (CTR)
The click rate is defined as the percentage of clicks a video gets out of the total number of impressions it gets.

When YouTube's algorithms filter a video on the homepage for every 100 users, and only 40 of them click on the video to watch it, the click rate will be 40%.

Example: If 1000 people per day search for a video with the keyword of one of your videos, and your video has a 10th result and your video has a high click-through rate, that will give YouTube a signal to move the video to a higher rank.

3- Video Title

The title of the video is one of the most important things that all YouTube algorithms rely on in order to understand the content that is being talked about, in order to recommend it to those interested in the same topic.

The title of the video is of great importance to the owner of the YouTube channel, because it is the first thing that the user looks at in order to decide whether to click on the video to watch it or not.

The address here works in more than one direction, including:

The relevance of the video title with the keyword used in the search (the video with the title that fully applies to the keyword will have the largest share of appearing in the first results.
How closely the video title relates to the video content (the more accurately the video title shows the content of the video, the more likely it is to appear in the first results).

4- Interact with the video
Interaction with any video on the YouTube platform is determined by the number of likes or dislikes, the amount of comments on the video, and how many new subscribers have subscribed to the channel through the video page.

Of course, the higher the interaction rate on a particular video, the more YouTube's algorithms filter that video than others.

5- Descriptive tags
The meta tags are: all the words or phrases that YouTube allows you to put on every video you post, in order to make it more understandable about your video content.

You can consider these tags as the most important topics that you will talk about in your video, in many cases you cannot put all the topics that you will talk about in the title.

Hence, this feature has been added to YouTube channel owners in order to help YouTube's algorithms understand the content of the videos.

Here we have talked about the most important things through which the video is filtered on the YouTube platform and determine the best video to make it on the first page and prefer it over other videos.

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